Guelph and Orangeville's Health + Performance Center

Complete health and performance care solutions integrating manual therapy, nutrition, personal training, physio rehab and counselling.

Accelerate Your Healing + Performance

Get faster results in fewer visits when your healthcare works together towards the same goal.


Functional based Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors with advanced training in Neurofunctional Acupuncture.


Naturopathic Medicine and Sports Nutrition to optimize vitality, recovery, and athletic performance.

personal training

Personal Training individually tailored to your health and fitness goals alongside our in-house functional care team.


Our counsellors take an active and collaborative approach to mental health therapy through setting personal goals and active strategies

physiotherapy in guelph

Personalized Care for your Needs and Goals

Whether you choose to work with one or multiple services, our team of practitioners work together to provide solutions for:

the ion difference

functional focused practitioners

Helping you move better, improve recovery and prevent future injury.

longer appointment times

We take the time to discover the root of your symptoms and work towards your specific goals.

integrated care plans

Get better results in fewer visits when ensuring everything you do is working towards the same goal.

modern treatment techniques

Our neurofunctional approach targets the root cause of your symptoms for changes you can feel in real-time.