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5 Foundations of Functional Movement

  • Core Control 
  • Lower Body 
  • Upper Body
  • Maintain Posture 
  • Hand and Wrist

Get your Fitness Score with our 16-Movement Functional AssessmentIn your 30-minute consultation with iON's personal training specialists, you will discover key limitations that may be causing you pain movement, increase your risk of injury and prevent you from getting over that plateau in performance. We help you better understand your body and start training with purpose.


Functional Fitness Score at iON

Find Your Baseline and Start Building Better Function

Our Fitness Score acts as a "handicap" towards your functional fitness level. The higher the score, the more limitations in your body has to compensate for. These limitations can inhibit your performance and predispose you to injury. Working to lower this score brings you closer to your functional potential.

Benefits of iONs Functional Movement Screen

Start Training with Purpose


  • Distinguish between Mobility vs Stability Issues

  • Efficient Cordination with Treatment Team

  • Precision Exercise and Mobility Programming 

  • Show Progress with Regular Assessment

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