Functional Movement Program

Building your 5 foundations of functional movement through treatment and training

  • Core Control 
  • Lower Body 
  • Upper Body
  • Maintain Posture 
  • Hand and Wrist

Discover what may be contributing to your pain, injury or holding you back from reaching your performance goals. Starting with our 16-movement functional assessment, our personal training specialists will determine key faults that are holding you back. After, your therapy specialist will perform our Neurofunctional Assessment to diagnose and treat mroe severe limitations.

Work with our trainer 3months 2x per week

Monthly reassessments with our trainers and therapist

Monthly treatments with our Neurofunctional Practitioner

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Neurological Rehabilitation Program

Take back control and regain your body's balance

  • Concussions/ Brain Injuries

  • Vertigo/ Dizziness

  • Migraines/ Headaches

  • Functional Neurologic Disorders

  • Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

  • .... and more

Do you feel that your neurological injury defines who you are? Do you want to take back control of your body and start living to your full potential? Many of our clients living with brain injuries and neurological symptoms have had treatments from many practitioners of different disciplines with moderate/temporary benefit, however they are unable to break through to that next level of healing. 

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Program integrates manual therapy, rehabilitation exercise and nutrition into a streamlined approach that ensure all aspects of your treatment work together towards the same goal. You will work with your lead practitioner who will take charge of your care and coordinate with our multiplinary team on an as needed basis to address the 5 aspects contributing to your symptoms:

  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Metabolic Health / Inflammation
  • Vestibular System
  • Visual System 
  • Proprioceptive System 
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Nutrition Optimization Program

Optimize your body's internal functions and discover your full potential

Do you feel your body is not recovering or performing the way it should? Have you tried different diets, supplements and exercise programs and are left wondering what is working and whats not? Stop questioning and start testing with our Functional Performance Care Program!

Our At-Home Testing Kit through Genova Labs uses oraganic acid testing to define specific deficiencies and micronutritient needs. This data allows our experts to provide precise nutrition and supplemental intervention sent directly to your door. 

(Optional analysis with Health Tracking Devices such as Whoop or Oura)

Performance Care Program

Prevent Injury, Accelerate Recovery and Maximize Performance

The ultimate program for those who want to get the most out of there body. We treat you like an F1 car, always testing and looking at the data to find areas of improvement. With regular scheduled assessments, we can find faults developing before they lead to injury, limitations in function affecting preventing you from breaking through that plateau and ensure that no matter how good you feel now, you are working towards better.

Our Performance Care Program is for athletes and high-functioning individuals (business owners, parents, caretakers etc) who need to always be on their game. Regularly sessions are scheduled with your Performance Care Practitioner monthly, biweekly or weekly depending on your goals. Optionally we include health tracking data (ex. Whoop or Oura), metabolic function testing every 6-months (see Nutrition Optimization Program), in-house Personal Training and Counselling.


TPI Golf Assessment

Level Up Your Golf Game

5 Foundations of Movement Assessment incorporating 16-movements designed by the Titelist Performance Institute. Whether you are a pro, or just picked up the game of golf, knowing how to optimize your body movement for a more efficient & consistent swing is key. Working with one of our experts, we can help you discover functional limitations contributing to specific swing patterns, work directly with your golf coach through the TPI platform and provide you with tailored programming at-home and in the gym to prevent injury and knock a few strokes off your game!

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