Counselling for Improving Relationships

Are you running into recurring conflicts with a partner, family member, colleague, or friend? Are you feeling lonely and disconnected from those around you? We explore the patterns that are keeping you stuck in your relationships and learn new ways of communicating that foster deeper, more stable connections

Managing Relationships

Relationships are often where we experience both the purest joy and the deepest suffering. Many of our clients come to counselling when they are struggling to form real connections, feel distant from a partner, friend, or family member, or notice repeating conflicts in their closest relationships that they can’t seem to resolve on their own. 

Every individual enters a relationship with their own unique history, values, and wounds; and these differences will inevitably lead to conflict at some point. What many don’t realize is that conflict, if done right, can actually bring us closer. A therapist can help you disrupt the patterns that are making you feel stuck, angry, or alone after conflict, and form new ways of communicating.

Common relationship complaints that bring clients to counselling include:

  • Difficulties finding a partner
  • Recurring conflicts
  • Feeling disconnected from others
  • Stressful family dynamics 
  • Fears of rejection or abandonment
  • Challenges with intimacy

Human beings are hardwired for connection, so feeling disconnected from yourself and the people around you can bring about profound distress.

Counselling can help you in: 

  • Setting boundaries
  • Clarifying your relationship needs
  • Learning effective communication skills
  • Creating connection and closeness with loved ones
  • Treating yourself as you would a friend

When going through a difficult transition or loss, it’s commonplace for well-meaning friends and family to propose solutions and focus on the silver lining. Sometimes what you need is the space to express all of your emotions without fear of judgement, and small actionable steps towards accepting your new life. Counselling can help with this.

Where to Start

Book an initial counselling session so we can complete an assessment and get the full picture of what you’re struggling with most. From there, we’ll set active goals and a clear action plan to help you get there.

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