Are you struggling to cope with a significant change in your life?

Whether it’s the loss of someone or something you love, a career change, or becoming a caregiver, counselling can help you make sense of your complex emotions and adjust to life as it is now.

Life is of the nature to change – relationships start and end, health improves and declines, new lives are born and others are lost. Our minds favour the familiar, so difficulties with change or loss are to be expected. However, when a difficult decision creates prolonged stress, a loss overwhelms our ability to cope, or we find ourselves grasping on tightly to the way life was and resisting the way life is, these are signs that you could benefit from counselling support. 

Common transitions and losses that clients seek support for include:

  • Coping with a new diagnosis 
  • Processing the loss of a partner, family member, friend, or pet
  • Relationship endings
  • Adjusting to a decline in health or injury
  • Career transitions
  • Moves
  • Adjusting to parenthood or caregiving

When going through a difficult transition or loss, it’s commonplace for well-meaning friends and family to propose solutions and focus on the silver lining. Sometimes what we need is the space to express all of our emotions without fear of judgement, and small actionable steps towards accepting our new life. Counselling can help with this.

How counselling helps:

  • Letting go of unhelpful myths about grieving
  • Embracing all of our emotions
  • Managing stress associated with big changes
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Finding a sense of purpose 
  • Getting back to the activities we enjoy

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