Nutrition Optimization Program at iON Health + Performance

Nutritional Analysis and Lab Testing for Personalized Treatment Solutions

Do you feel your body is not recovering or performing the way it should? Have you tried different diets, supplements and exercise programs and are left wondering what is working and whats not? Stop questioning and start testing with our Functional Performance Care Program.

How It Works:

Get Started From The Comfort of Your Home

Our At-Home Testing Kit through Genova Labs uses oraganic acid testing to define specific deficiencies and micronutritient needs. This data allows our experts to provide precise nutrition and supplemental intervention sent directly to your door. 

When analyzed along with your food log, we apply specific changes that build into your current lifestyle and eating habits. We focus on "Real Food" first, while providing any supplement intervention directly to your door through our FullScript Online Dispencery.

Whats Included:

  • Initial Discussion with your Lead Practitioner
  • Food Log Analysis of your Baseline Diet 
  • Micronutrient Baseline Status through At-Home Testing 
  • 4 to 6 Month Retest for Progressive Intervention
  • Monthyl Follow-Up Meetings with your Practitioner

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Food sensitivity, stool (microbiome) and hormone testing
  • Health tracking with Whoop Strap or Oura Ring 
  • Collaborative personal training and manual treatment 
  • Access to FullScript supplement dispensory 

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