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nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching is meal planning designed by our certified nutrition coach that is tailored for your specific health + performance goals! Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your athletic performance, or you just want to start eating healthier, our nutrition coaches work with and support you to help create healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Optimizing Your Diet: A Practical Meal Planning Approach 

Our approach to meal planning starts by assessing what you currently have in your fridge and cabinets to create a plan that suits your lifestyle. While you may think that you need to completely overhaul your diet, the evidence shows that starting with small changes and focusing on adding good things in rather than taking bad things out significantly improves adherence and therefore results.

Why Choose iON Health + Performance Nutritionists for Nutrition Coaching 

We support you with every step of your nutrition journey including providing you with a grocery list, offering access to online app to track meals and directly message your ISSA Certified Nutritionist, provide regular check ins 2x per month to ensure you stay on track, and build your meal plan to work alongside your personal training and naturopathic interventions. Our functional healthcare team collaborates on every service to ensure your care works together!

Physiotherapy, naturopathic and nutrition consultation

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Experience accelerated health, healing and performance.

naturopathic and nutrition consultation
Physiotherapy, naturopathic and nutrition consultation
naturopathic and nutrition consultation