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How we do personal training

Personal training packages are available in-person, hybrid and online to offer you customized solutions for your goals, lifestyle and budget. Our personal trainers also operate as physiotherapy assistants by working directly with our therapy and nutrition team to provide you with the ultimate training solutions for your Health + Performance goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We have several options available for partners or small groups. How this is structured depends on whether you and your training partner(s) are working towards the same goals, or require individual programming and just want to train at the same time. For more details, we suggest booking a free consultation to discuss your individual needs so we can tailor a training package that is best suited for you!

When working on a physio related complaint, you can utilize your physio benefits to work with our personal trainers / physiotherapy assistants and build your exercise rehabilitation into your programming. This requires an initial assessment with one of our physiotherapy team members, and regular treatments / follow-ups to ensure progress towards the physio related goal. To learn more, click on our Physio Exercise Rehab page, or book a free consultation with one of our personal trainers.

We offer individual personal training sessions for those who are looking for short-term plans or one-off sessions to correct form or provide advice on technique and function. That said, our training packages are designed in a way that offers you a progressive programming strategy in order to maximize your results. (Based on your needs and lifestyle, these can be adjusted accordingly on a case-by-case basis).

While many of our clients prepay for all of their sessions upfront, we offer monthly payment options for all of our training packages.

Our trainers / physiotherapy assistants work directly with your doctor and functional movement therapists, whether they are in house or at another clinic. All of our programming is tailored to your specific needs, and our team having direct access to our clinic provides them with exercise rehabilitation experience and resources beyond the average trainer.

Personal training and physio rehab

Types of PERSONAL Training


In Person

Maximize your accountability and motivation with every training session to reach your health + performance goals.



Combined online programming with regular in person sessions to stay confident with form and training progress.



Online programming for those with self discipline who are looking for support with planning and training progression.

Experience accelerated health, healing and performance.

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