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what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is part of iON’s team of functional therapists that integrate exercise rehabilitation and manual therapy into their care. Our assessment includes a thorough history and a full body movement assessment to determine the root cause of your pain or motor dysfunctions. Once completed, our physiotherapists collaborate with our multidisciplinary team of practitioners to determine the best treatment strategy to help you reach your health + performance goals.

Neurofunctional Approach to Physiotherapy

Our neurofunctional approach to care is unique to the industry and is focused on treating the nervous system. Simply put, nerves control what we feel (such as pain) and how our muscles function. By assessing and treating the nervous system, our physiotherapy team is able to more accurately diagnose the root cause of your symptoms and provide you with precise treatments that work. This also allows our multidisciplinary team to more effectively integrate our care to provide you with treatment solutions that work together.

Physiotherapy Sessions Using Electro-Acupuncture Technique

We utilize a variety of different treatment techniques during our physiotherapy sessions. One of our more advanced techniques that we offer is electro-acupuncture. Acupuncture allows our physiotherapists to reach the deeper layers of tissue with our treatment. This along with the application of electricity to the needle, we can stimulate the nerve causing your pain directly. As well, we can stimulate deep muscles to quickly activate them when they are tight or inhibited. Using this prior to exercise can accelerate the rehabilitation process and make functional movement treatments more effective.

Why Choose iON Health + Performance for Physiotherapy

At iON, we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with treatment solutions to improve your pain, performance and recovery. Each physiotherapy session is designed to progress your care and work collaboratively with all additional treatments. It is our goal to eliminate the guesswork and ensure you are receiving the best possible care for your individual case.

physiotherapy in guelph


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physiotherapy in guelph
physiotherapy in guelph
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