neurofunctional approach

what is the neurofunctional approach?

Neurofunctional approach is an advanced nervous system based assessment and treatment techniques designed to accelerate your ability to heal and optimize your functional performance. By focusing on the nerves, we are able to directly influence the tissue responsible for how your muscles function and what you perceive as pain for lasting benefits you can feel in real time.

Each session with your chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist follows our unique strategy shown below:


We perform a thorough history and mechanical assessment to discover functional inhibitions that are the root cause of your injury and symptoms


Detailed explanation of the cause of your symptoms to help you better understand your injury and take an active approach in your care


1-on-1 individualized session utilizing a combination of techniques including electro-acupuncture, myofascial cupping, manual soft tissue and chiropractic manipulation.


Real time changes in functional performance are expected with a single treatment and are used to confirm our diagnosis and create a care plan.


Unlike other clinics, our treatments are designed to get you moving ASAP, and we will create an program to help you take an active approach to your care

Experience accelerated health, healing and performance.

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